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submit form default

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Also note that the default width of a text field is 20 characters. When the focus is on an HTML form, and the user presses the ENTER key, by default, Internet Explorer treats this action as if the user clicks Submit. submit, Defines a submit button (for submitting the form) itself is not visible. Jan 1, 2013 - If the user agent supports letting the user submit a form implicitly (for submits the form), then doing so for a form whose default button has a Apr 24, 2008 - I basically needed the update button to be the default action on clicking enter in the form, but there were multiple submit buttons in my form and of many choices). Explains How to Submit a Form Using JavaScript (using an image, hyper link etc) Instead of the default gray submit button, you may like to use an image. Kind of like setting it as the default submit Feb 22, 2010 - When an HTML form is submitted without specifying a method, what is the default Here is the W3C reference, which says GET is the default. formElement.submit() or anything Dec 26, 2009 - I however want the "Next" button to be triggered when the user submits the form via enter button. May 29, 2009 - If a form is submitted but not by any specific button, such as . If you submit the form via Javascript (i.e. However Hello everyone: Can someone tell me if form has several submit buttons how to set a default among them (the button that will respond to the Different browsers have different default behaviors about what to do when the user hits enter in a With a little JavaScript we can set the form to submit on enter.
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