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Milter protocol

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milter protocol

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Milter API. Contribute to sendmail-pmilter development by creating an account on GitHub.It can connect to a milter without MTA. Milter Architecture. See the workarounds and limitations sections at the end You now have access to the interactive catalog of available Sendmail mail filters, or 'Milters'. For now, there is no similar tool. . Pros and cons of Milter API Milter. Perl binding of Sendmail Milter protocol. miltertest simulates the MTA side of an MTA-milter interaction for testing a milter-aware Interspersed with these protocol phases are optional macro (key/value) milter-test-server talks MTA side milter protocol. If you set the SMFIPNR* protocol action for a callback, that callback must always reply with Aug 4, 2004 - This document describes the Sendmail "milter" mail filtering and MTA-level mail manipulation protocol, version 2, based on the publicly Central filtering (Milter). In a single location, we have brought together the leading?Developers -?Anti-Spam -?MailArchiver -?ArchivingAPI Documentation - | An interactive catalog of, Set the milter library debugging (tracing) level. It is useful to test milter not MTA + milter. In the language of the art, "milter" refers to the protocol and API implementing the service, while "a milter" has come to refer to a filter application that uses milter The Milter protocol has evolved over time, and different Postfix versions implement different feature sets. Milter was Aug 22, 2011 - lowering the protocol could cause issues to the mail server. Postfix does not seem to support configuration of a per-milter protocol version. Milter (Mail fILTER) is both a protocol and a library.
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